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Today’s consumers are growing increasingly health-conscious, seeking visible benefits to their health and well being in everything from the foods they eat to the clothes they wear. It’s widely accepted that better sleep leads to better health, yet between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from sleeping problems and it’s costing them. Health experts estimate the annual healthcare bill attributed to sleep problems is at least $16 billion. Considering that people spend roughly a third of their lives in bed, one place they should also be looking is in their mattress.

In 2005, Serta launched its high end Perfect Day mattress collection, designed to give today’s busy and health-conscious consumers the quality of sleep they need to feel their best all day, every day. Now, Serta is unveiling its new and improved 2008 Perfect Day collection with more advanced and creative technologies to address today’s most common sleep and health complaints.

“Here at Serta, we believe one of the best things people can do for better health is to get better sleep,” said Bob Sherman, president of Serta. “For the Perfect Day collection, it is the consumer who is driving the technology. We listened to their biggest sleep concerns and hit the drawing board. It wasn’t enough to create a sleeping solution for a better night’s rest; it has to help them feel refreshed and feel better all day long.”

Designed with health in mind, the new Perfect Day collection harnesses the latest technology in the industry to tackle today’s most common triggers of sleeping problems that plague people everywhere – from tossing and turning, to the right level of heat, to feeling refreshed the next day.

Tossing and turning. The new Perfect Day line is the only mattress in the market that uses Serta’s exclusive Free Flex® innerspring system. Free Flex is an ergonomic “coil within a coil” innerspring that better distributes weight, provides extended support and helps reduce motion transfer, one of the most common complaints among sleeping partners. Layered upon the innerspring system is a higher gauge of KoolComfort™ memory foam with the broadest temperature threshold that quickly responds to each individual’s body heat, creating the right level of pressure reduction and body contouring. The result? A more restful night’s sleep without the disturbances caused by tossing and turning.

Battle over the thermostat. Men and women have markedly different preferences when it comes to sleep; this is often dictated by individual health needs and underlying medical conditions. According to the 2006 Guideline Research trend report, sweating is cited as a key cause of having sleeping difficulty. That’s why all Perfect Day mattresses feature Serta’s exclusive KoolComfort™ visco-foam technology. Unlike other foams on the market, this foam features an open-celled structure that is specially designed to better dissipate heat and moisture, giving couples another reason not to fight in bed.

Waking up tired. The trend report also states that the most common sleep problem was not feeling refreshed in the morning. To address this, the new Perfect Day Pro-Energy collection is the first of its kind to incorporate new CelliantSleep™ technology in the fibers of the mattress. This body-responsive fiber is commonly used in high-performance athletic clothing and has been clinically shown to increase oxygen levels in the skin leading to better circulation, more energy and muscle recovery. The benefits of the fiber maximize one’s energy for the next day. There are three Pro-Energy models featuring CelliantSleep in the new Perfect Day collection.

Fighting allergies. For many who suffer from allergies, the Perfect Day mattress line incorporates Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial technology. This system minimizes germs and odors creating a hypoallergenic environment that consumers have come to expect.

That sinking feeling. Many people sleeping on older mattresses complain of sagging, lumps and little or no support. These problems can disturb sleep and cause soreness and discomfort. The Perfect Day line was built to last. Supported by a patented StabLBase® Triple Beam Foundation to reinforce durability and create extra center support, the Perfect Day line makes sagging mattresses a thing of the past.

Exceptional Quality. The Perfect Day by Serta collection was built from the ground up to solve people’s biggest sleeping problems. When unique technologies meet health-focused ingenuity, the result is a line of mattresses designed to help create a rejuvenating sleep environment that is free of disruption, leaving people feeling refreshed, and ready for the next day. Serta is so confident in the quality of its new Perfect Day models that each was tested to two times the industry standard. Therefore, all Perfect Day models are backed by a 20-Year Warranty.